Sublime is the fragrance that comes from a heart crowned of petals encouraging the beauty that a simple bouquet is able to irradiate at home. To the point it becomes unbearable not seeing them, enhancing the inhabited saloon every single day.


Flowers have been part of our history for more than 5.000 years but there are only few that know that their main purpose – in the Plant Kingdom – it is known as reproduction, as their seeds are what prolongs the existence of the species to which each belongs.
As a woman, I adore its inescapable presence and delicate scent and for that, I also acknowledge the women that have made – just like me – a weekly routine, the acquisition of fresh flowers and dainty bouquets just to magnify the significance of beauty, feelings and the value that we believe to add to our life. Moments of blooming uplift and pleasure from the small details that become imperative. 


And while wallflowers take at least twelve months to bloom, you don't have to wait that long to pamper yourself or give away that fragrant arrangement as the ultimate demonstration of your love. We let an idea that was tingling our hearts and would never leave our minds run wild to become a reality compatible with the essence of the brand: Flower Design.
A trip to New York – that city that Sinatra and pop culture meant fantastically sleepless – allowed us to set the actual ground of this new story that we consider, has the signature of a woman, as ladies have taken a predominating role in this industry.


And just like there aren't only red roses in this world, we've proved that there is no reason to hide stems from a well-designed floral arrangement. For that reason, we select the fairest vase and adjust the length of the flowers so that the harmony can settle in the space and its overall décor.
ANABELLA BY ROSSY SANCHEZ praises the most resilient, native and sensual femininity featuring the freshness of floral art & design to its fashion brand and seemingly denotes that the line that disjoins trends from the flower industry isn't only thin, but also oblique and can be crossed at any time. A floral arrangement is like a poem, each flower telling its own story, we want you to tell your own story through our radiant and colorful blossoms. Let nature's gift to us, inspire you and fill your world with light and love.


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“Here with the talented and renowned floral designer Meredith Waga Perez de @bellefleurny from whom I learned fabulous techniques in her spectacular studio on 5th avenue in NYC.”

Rossy Sánchez