1. How much is the shipping?

Shipping is free for USA, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

  1. What methods of payment do you accept?

Visa credit cards, Master Card, American Express, Apple Pay and PayPal are accepted

  1. Are returns allowed?

Returns are accepted as long as the product is intact and is made within the same week of receiving it. (See return policy)

4. What material are the shoes made of?

All shoes are internally in natural leather and in some cases 100% including the sole.

5. What sizes are they?

Our sizes range from 35 to 41.

6. If there is not my size, can I order it?

No, we do not carry out orders

7. How can I check my size?

The verification of the sizes is done through an international standard size table, this table allows us to obtain the equivalent for each case, it is a conversion table

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